Opel Corsa Rally Electric


The Opel Corsa Rally Electric sets technical and conceptual standards in international rallying in many respects.

The development of the rally vehicle, which is based on the bodyshell of its production counterpart, focused not only on performance but also on cost control and safety. The Opel engineering team gave top priority to safety. The already very strict guidelines of the German Motor Sports Federation (DMSB) regarding safety in the operation and handling of electric racing vehicles are not only fully met by the Corsa Rally Electric, but significantly exceeded in several areas. In general, Opel and the ADAC worked very closely with the DMSB in the development of the vehicle, as well as in the design of the one-make cup.

Designed as an entry-level platform for rallying, cost control was accordingly at the top of Opel Motorsport's specifications. Numerous components of the rally vehicle were adopted from the production counterpart - such as the electric motor and the 50 kWh lithium-ion battery integrated into the underbody. The battery, which consists of 216 cells, supplies enough energy for around 60 special stage kilometers at race pace. The fast-charging system allows the nippy Stromers to recharge at mobile charging stations, so they never run out of "juice" during a rally. The Opel Corsa Rally Electric's sophisticated recuperation system also ensures that kinetic energy is converted into electricity and stored during every braking maneuver.

Thanks to the high durability of all components and the easy handling of the vehicle, costs for the teams also remain low and manageable.

For the areas of particular relevance to performance, the engineers have drawn on racing technology. The roll cage, seats and other components come from the new Opel Corsa Rally4, which has been homologated for international factory and customer racing for the 2021 season. Power transmission is provided, among other things, by a modified standard transmission and a multi-disc limited-slip differential to improve traction out of tight corners.

"Developing an all-electric vehicle on a larger scale for rallying was a challenge," says Opel Motorsport Director Jörg Schrott. "There were no empirical values, and the project goals were ambitious: The Corsa Rally Electric matches the high level of the combustion-engined Opel ADAM Cup used until 2018 in terms of performance and ease of handling for teams - and at a reasonable cost. We are thus demonstrating that an electric rally vehicle can set new standards not only in the disciplines of sustainability and efficiency, but also in terms of dynamics and emotional appeal."

The "ready to rally" Opel Corsa Rally Electric costs 54,900 euros (plus VAT).

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Opel Corsa Rally Electric

Electric motor:

Synchronous motor (standard)


100 kW/136 hp


260 Nm

Energy storage:

Lithium-ion battery, 50 kWh


4-piston caliper with ventilated 332x28-mm front brake discs, 264x12-mm rear brake discs,

brake circuit/hydraulic pressure adjustable at the rear,

adapted brake control with recuperation, hydraulic "fly-off" hand brake


BRAID, 7 x 17 inch; ET20


Lightweight body-in-white, welded safety cage,

underride protection for engine, transmission and HV battery

electrically triggered fire extinguishing system, dry battery (standard in the engine compartment) 

exterior: quick release hood and tailgate latches, towing lugs


Front-wheel drive with limited-slip differential


Bilstein rally chassis

McPherson struts with uniball mounts at the front


Electric power steering

On-board electrics:

Hardware and software adapted to the series electrical architecture 

Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Traction Control (TC) and Antilock Braking System (ABS) deactivated

Optional: additional display with data logger

Newly developed High-Voltage (HV) safety warning system

Optional: tripmaster & additional lights / night vision


Length: 4.060 mm

Width: 1.765 mm

Height: 1.435 mm

Wheelbase: 2.538 mm


ca. 1.480 kg



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